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The combination of: Art and Photgraphy + Nature and Science = Growth ....
This Website is spoken in more Languages like: English, German, Tagalog, so as Bisaya, Chavacano and other mixing dialectical Languages as the growing power of communication / vocabularies of the Philippines.








  Welcome to my world of Art & Photography <<more>>

   DATE Of ACTUALITY:  Thursday, 5th of January 2012  


   LETZTE AKTUALISIERUNG:  Donnerstag, der 5. Januar 2012     












My Journals:

Let us talk about „TIME“

Speaking about the value of Art & Science

The Facts of Life

Immigration   +   Nationality

carried by:

Who am I ?   +   Identification card   +   Identity crisis

is equals to   (=)

Individual growth and Human growth   +   World's growth

The Education of today

The World Of Today

The Act Of Chivalry

December 2010 Snowy Scenery




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Niki und Zoe mit Rosemarie