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This is my way of reaching people who are especially nice and dear in every way ... this is bringing twice the love that other greetings do ... because it is for all of YOU !

The World Of Nature That I Can Share. Blue SKy And Red Roses Showing Us The Other Side Of The Coin. The Reality Of The Other Side Of The Usual Picture. There Is The Back Side Of The Front Side. The Facts Of The Colors Of Red White And Blue. Green Is The Spice Of The "Green Leaves Of Hope" Followed By: The Mixture Of Technology And Urban Life ... Live The Beauty Of Modern Nature! Scroll Down! ... Take A Look!



The final round ...   

Please click the photos to see and read the story and wishing that you are enjoying the look at it.






Welcome to my world of Art & Photography


March 27, 2010   (27. März 2010)


Willkommen in der Welt der Kunst und Lichtbildnerei >click for more