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The World Of Nature That I Can Share. Blue SKy And Red Roses Showing Us The Other Side Of The Coin. The Reality Of The Other Side Of The Usual Picture. There Is The Back Side Of The Front Side. The Facts Of The Colors Of Red White And Blue. Green Is The Spice Of The "Green Leaves Of Hope" Followed By: The Mixture Of Technology And Urban Life ... Live The Beauty Of Modern Nature! Scroll Down! ... Take A Look!

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September 18. bis 19. 2010, im Kurhaus, 34596 Bad Zwesten, 10:00 bis 19:00 Uhr.

Vortrag "Visual Aid"am Sonntag dem 19. September 2010, um 11 Uhr.

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   DATE Of ACTUALITY:  SATURDAY, 24th of April 2010  



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Question asked: 

What happened to the following facts?


*  Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines - Hessen

Camanse-Meier. Ziegenheiner Strasse 8. 34599 Neuenthal. (06693) 911338. Philippinen Hilfe Save a Child Gem eV / Order of ...
Some Answers can be found in the following:
(thank you for the recovery of the Link and please excuse my spoken and written deutsch)
other answers will come soon.

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Speaking about the value of Art & Science

The Facts of Life

Immigration   +   Nationality

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Who am I ?   +   Identification card   +   Identity crisis

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Individual growth and Human growth   +   World's growth

The Education of today

The World Of Today