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Speaking about the value of Art & Science

The Facts of Life

Immigration   +   Nationality

carried by:

Who am I ?   +   Identification card   +   Identity crisis

is equals to   (=)

Individual growth and Human growth   +   World's growth

The Education of today

The World Of Today


Photo Exhibits



26 -27. September 2009

18 - 19. September 2010

Schedule / Termine

September 18. bis 19. 2010, im Kurhaus, 34596 Bad Zwesten, 10:00 bis 19:00 Uhr.

Vortrag "Visual Aid"am Sonntag dem 19. September 2010, um 11 Uhr.

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This is my way of reaching people who are especially nice and dear in every way ... this is bringing twice the love that other greetings do ... because it is for all of YOU !





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