The Act Of Chivalry

Gone are those days of knightly chivalric ideals and virtues, which was founded by men crusaders and orders of the ancient time.

The European - German Ideology and Philosophy … put to practiced today … has changed and or explained … by the representation of their daily lives of living … the meaning of chivalry … welcomed genderless chivalry.

The LovetoLead put these into question: Is chivalry sexist?

Let me put my personal information and belief of what and how chivalry is, to manifestation:

Point I

The Code of Conduct and Virtues of Men and or Women … the equal rights and the sense of freedom of responsibility in the world of today … to carry and or act the value of Virtues that is named CHIVALRY … which is usually represented and or acted upon in an abnormal level of Ideals like : Heroes and the Saints … keeping and doing their responsibilities and duties as self obligatory and necessary.

Point II

The Code of Ethics and or the discrete acts of an individual’s characteristic … the combination of a human moral nature inspired by his Ideals … meaning, understanding and or representing a character that provides and stands for ethical criticism of oneself and others as a fundamental value of an harmoniously formed personality and or individual’s character… meaning, showing and or giving Love and Respect, as a sign of service for the mankind… representing bravery, piety, honour, loyalty and sacrifice. These goes to the achievers … who needs praised and admiration for their aspired duty and or role achieving their goal of excellence in their endeavour …the code that is practiced and or adopted by few … to mention amongst them …are … the Presidents of our World’s Nations and Institutions and etc. … and … these Roles are represented by Men and or Women.

Point III

The Code of Humanity … the positive and the negative pole of a human being … according to Aristotle: there are two types of human character … the Virtuous and the Vicious Character and Personality … and it is the reality of human nature … that good and bad exists … the ordinary moral standard of an individual and or person that can be and or is applicable to everyone … Men and or Women.

Point IV

The Code of Knowledge and Wisdom … the transcendence of Righteousness’ … to know and act upon his own intuitive sense of inspiration to do the right thing … the wisdom to know the difference of Right and or Wrong which is an act of Chivalry …the mental and spiritual entities represented by accepting and applying one’s role in the world … and these all are the Gifts of Nature to Men and or Women.

Therefore, Chivalry is not sexist.

In the point of courting for Love, a chivalric action is for sure not a hindrance for a Man to capture every Woman’s heart, and these action of love should not be put to a discussion and or question for being sexist, because, in my opinion … for a Great Love is Chivalric Acts Worth it.

And, that in the sense of the Role of human gender … a Man will always be a Man and that a Woman should always be a Woman. Though how much science medicated these roles … the Law of Nature will stay. We are all bound to play the Role that we are gifted off and we all have the right and the chance to choose or decide and to act to the Idea of what is right and or what is wrong . So let it be what it should be … and I think, we call it … RESPECT to Chivalry.


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