Is Art more valuable than Science?

Speaking about the value of Art and Science: 

Both fields have or can be on an even value ... but ... the real value can only be valued and or it's worth as more valuable, by the speaker itself.

I quote and unquote:  "The most beautiful and most profound experience is the Sensation of the Mystical.  It is the Sower of all the true science."  Albert Einstein.

The Mystical Sensation is powered by the love and or inspiration of  "Art".

Therefore, I would say:  "Yes" ... Art is more valuable than Science.  I guess and I presume, that all Scientist is (was) inspired by "Art".

Let me present a division of these two fields:

First   -  Art is the head ... the mystical world ... it gives the inspirational value to create and to inspire the world including the science world ... it is the inspiration for our Soul to make and or have life in a valuable manner ... it is like Love - it can move mountain.  Sometimes, no one can pay the valuable price of an Art.

Second   -  Science is the result of a study ... it presents the physical value of all the progress in the world ... it is the medicine and or the advances used for our physical Body ... Science is bound to be paid.

In my own observation, as a none Artist and a none Scientist:  You can buy and or pay the product value of Science, but, you cannot buy and or pay the value of Happiness, which is inspired and powered by Art.

From my own eye-view ... the feeling and or the sensation that is inspired by an Art is more valuable, for us to exist in this world of today ... to be able to live and to carry it on ... the progress that is presented by Science.

My last words:  What is more important ... the SOUL  or the  BODY ? 

( We owe to learn how to combine it and we need to know how to use it. )

The Facts of Life " All extremes Kills " :)


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