Is commercialism killing Blogosphere?

A Fact Of Life ... All Extremes Kills!


Blogosphere is a genius work and a very great idea to creating a world of inspiration for those who wants to participate the progress of Science World … it is an enormous progress of the cyberspace which … is a very high rated achievement of our life of today and  … it is a fact that in every reality … there is a positive and negative points of views.


Commercialism is a need  … It is a reality of life ever since time immemorial … It enhances progress of life style and standard to it’s fullest … It is one of the essential factor of life’s reality to move on … which is very important to support the material growth of all fields … that sometimes … in the phase of excesses …  uncontrollably leads to it’s ruin.


The last question put by LovetoLead today … Is Commercialism Killing the Blogosphere?


If it is not put to a proper plan and targets of Business Implementations … Yes … it will … is my clear answer … for the reason that … it will hinder a lot of creativity … which is the most important factor or essence in this type of world.


Let me give a part of an idea … The combination of all these realities will help save both excesses … Let Inspiration Be Free … Manage the Business with the freedom of choice using the guideline of the Nature of Moral of Right and Wrong … that will bring satisfaction to the both sides of these both world.  To put it short … get the solution for the problem of:   “All extremes kills!”



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