Is immigration destroying national identity?

A topic and a question that is playing a serious Global role in our World of today.

Let me contribute an answer in an equation form:

Immigration   +   Nationality

carried by:

Who am I ?   +   Identification card   +   Identity crisis

is equals to   (=)

Individual growth and Human growth   +   World's growth

There are four (4) very important factors to be considered to (in an) Immigration process which is ennumerated as follows:

1.  Parents and or Family background

2.  Invironmental and or Friends and Associates

3.  Private and or Personal Ambitions

4.  Good Luck and or Fate  -  which also links to the three (3) factors stated above.

These four factors is divided into (2) functional categories:

First Category  -  includes number 1,2, and number 4 factors ... the parentat and invironmental background ... meaning:  (group of people or individuals with connections and networks and or good luck and or Fate).  These migrants belongs to an organized and well planned Agenda and lifestyle.  It happened and or functioned in a higher academic educational strata and or level of and for business and or professional and or social developments.

Second Category  -  includes number 3 and number 4 factors ...  the private and or personal ambitions of people and or individual ...  meaning:  (people or individual who works and or drive for achievement and or struggle for a better way of life or living carried by an inspiration like "the grass is greener in the other side of the fence"  as one of those inspirational thoughts and or reasons to carry on, and or the road to good luck and or fate.)  Migrants in these category strive for life and for whatever reasons that varies from different lifestyle and sorroundings.  There are stories that hapened in these adventure category that is usually unplanned, unforseen and in an unexpected events of lives.

Therefore, National identity cannot be destroyed  ... it can be educated and broadened it's sphere and horizons  ... it can be assisted and inspired for growth and development.

The changes and developments that influences the educational process of an individual's identity, depends upon the parental guidance and upbringing that a person or individual is gifted off  ... considering his race, culture and traditions, religion, mentalities, languages, characters and his personality.

Immigration does not destroy a National identity  ... it enhances the growth of people and the world.

Let me form a verbal equation of Immigration growth:

Individual and or people in need or in crisis   +   A Nation's abundance and or needs and or crisis, will result to Immigration process.

It will activate solution making and problem solving using the human factors like:  mental and or intelligence,  spiritual and or inspirational,  social and or governmental services, private and or public business institutions, forming agreements of interactions and responsibilities between individuals and or people and or offices for their capacities and capabilities.

A two way basis of communication is formed in Immigration for cooperation of growth and development.

Hence, the following factors should be taken into a very serious manner of consideration:

Honesty to oneself as an individual   +   Contribution to the Nation is  =  to Multi-cultural lives.

No matter where we are, who we are, our National race is our Individual identity.

No matter what Nation we belong, we owe to carry all the effects and responsibilities for our Own  actions or doings.

Multiplication of multi-cultural lives is equals to multi-cultural world, which is the result of Immigration.

I Go for the TRUTH and for an OPEN WORLD !


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