Let us talk about the "Time"

One side / part of History

Yesterday and Today Part I

Yesterday and Today Part II

Yesterday and Today Part III

Yesterday and Today Part IV



Story that only happens in the Sky

Let us talk about the Moon and the ... 

The Sky



In Bad Zwesten


Bad Zwesten Rocked Again

Let us look at the "Love Birds" and ...

The Last Day Of February 2010

The Jewel Of The Ice

Happy New Year 2010

Happy Sliding Days

Missing The Sun

The Growth

Of Nature and Human

Together We Grow

One Day

The Next Day

Winter Life

The World Of Ice

January 15, 2010 The Growth

Do You See What I See?

The Result January 19, 2010 


In The Park

In Water and in Snow or Ice<<<

Baba ...Coffee or Tea? Drinking ...

My Second Winter

Sharing Lives On Ice

Who Comes First?

Sun Oh! My Sun

Which Family Do I belong?



Let us take a look at the different views of life

Leticia <<homepage

Der Kurpark in Bad Zwesten ... hat viele Gesichter ... 


Let us take a look at the different views of life ... or in other words ...:  different faces of eye views ... looks ... ideas ... and etc. ... let me start it with my Angel of the day (3rd of March 2010) as a result of my running after the beautiful sun ... came across with the young Lady (in the photos above) ...  for more>>>>