The Education Of Today

Let me talk about the education of today … as a mother of two children -… 24 and 19 years old respectively.

Kindergarten days for my two girls … was a sort of Baby sitting places … as a replacement for my not enough time to have … a working mother.

Elementary years … was the hectic / stressful time … to be able to cope up with the homework’s and etc. … mother’s role of a working mother.

Intermediate time … was a sort of trial and error … of a growing mother’s and daughter’s roles.

High school days of my children … was a time for me to see and feel … to realize and understand … what my own mother’s roles (with 7 children) were … I Salute Her For That! … for Education always starts at HOME! … to start building / creating a future.

College time , their present status … is the time that … I Thank God! … “Oh! How lucky can I be … to have a PARENT … that I have!”
Today … I treasure all the LOVE and HARDSHIP with GLORY and PAIN of which I call EDUCATION!… and feel sorry for the unthankful behaviour (we call it the generation gap) during those years, that I went through … with all the care and discipline of education that my Parents paid for me … how I wish to put my GRATITUDE to ACTION that is all the while DUE. I believe that all Parents will always try to give their best to their Children.

For all these TRUTH … I bow with all my RESPECT and LOVE to the PEOPLE whom we call MOTHER (mama, mummy,) and FATHER.(papa, daddy), for the VALUE of these ROLES … are not payable … for short … The EDUCATORS that is not for sale.

I have Four Questions About Education

1. What is education?
2. Do we have to attend schools to be called educated?
3. What is the basic education needed, to be able to live with today’s technology?
4. How much does it costs us to be educated?

My simple answers to these questions are:

No. 1
¨ Education is what I am or what I am for… what I need or what I do … what I can give or what I share … until I die… to be forgotten or not. It is an evolution of vocation or training. It is a system."

No. 2
... ¨ Yes, we have to attend schools to be educated and

   ... No, we do not have to attend schools to be called educated.

... These answers need elaboration and it can be heated ones."

No 3
¨ Today’s technology needs the basic of reading and writing. The basic education that we need to live with today’s technology … is to read and write … to understand what we read and write … to act upon what we read and write … and … I call it the basic of CHARACTER EDUCATION! Of today’s generation."

No 4
¨ It will costs me my whole life to be educated, because, I believe that, we never stop learning."

How about YOU! … What’s your answers? Any Shares?


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